Embed a playlist on your site

Embedded playlists on your own website is a great way to share what you’re listening to, while making it convenient for your readers to add the playlist to their own Apple Music or Spotify libraries with a single click.

Embed with Madonna

Once you’ve found the list you want to embed, scroll down the page until you see the following:

Just copy and paste the HTML from the box into wherever you’d like the list to appear on your site. If you’re using WordPress, create a “custom HTML” block, and paste the code in there.

If all is well you’ll end up with an embedded playlist in a lovely little widget like this one:

New features: YouTube playlists and profile updates

The eagle-eyed amongst you may have noticed the addition of a shiny new YouTube button on playlist pages recently. That’s right, now with just a single click you can add any music playlist to your YouTube account. Playlists will be private by default so don’t worry about exposing your terrible taste to the world 😁.

That’s not all though, we’ve added the ability for you to upload an avatar and tell people who you are with a little bio.


September Playlists: Radiohead & Thom Yorke

Thom Yorke recently released his latest solo album Anima, and not surprisingly it’s really, really good. We thought this would be a good time to highlight some of the best Radiohead and Thom playlists on Raygum.

Cover versions
From The Smiths to a Bond theme, they’ve covered a fair number of other people’s songs. Here’s a playlist of those songs by the original artists.

Back in 2007, a little while before In Rainbows, Thom compiled a list of favourites for iTunes, featuring Bat for Lashes and Stephen Malkmus. It’s a beauty.

Thom was lucky enough to have people stand around behind him while he played some records for the super-cool Boiler Room.

Thom and friends
The Yorkie-bar sometimes likes to lend a hand to some other people’s recordings. He’s quite good at it too.

Want some more? Check-out all the tagged Radiohead playlists.